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Harland Clarke

White Papers

2016 Benchmark Report 2016 Financial Email Marketing Benchmark Report

Harland Clarke compiled data from more than 8,000 email campaigns, which were sent to more than 86 million recipients from over 190 financial institutions' throughout 2015.
Devilerability Counts Deliverability Counts

This white paper spotlights ten factors that impact email deliverability to help you make the most out of your email marketing strategy. Taking these factors into account can help you achieve a healthy ROI and improve engagement. 
2015 Benchmark Report 2015 Financial Email Marketing Benchmark Report

This report compiles data from more than 180 financial institutions' email marketing programs throughout 2014 to show deployment and engagement metrics, mailing frequency and important trends.
The Customer Engagement Triad The Customer Engagement Triad

This white paper discusses the different levels of The Customer Engagement Triad — satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, and the value this attachment has to the future growth of a company or brand.
Foundations of Successful Email Marketing The Foundation of Successful Email Marketing

Explore the core elements that help create lasting connections with your customers such as building an email audience, implementing a creative strategy and testing and measuring success.
Research Strategies Research Strategies To Drive Employee Engagement

Explore how engaged employees are emotionally attached to the organization and typically go above and beyond their expected performance. Learn strategies to identify engaged employees, what drives employee engagement, and steps to promote those key drivers across your organization.
Levels of the Email Inbox Levels of the Email Inbox

Increase recipient engagement from the point of delivery to conversion.
Creating a Multifaceted Financial Web Presence Creating a Multifaceted Financial Web Presence

In this white paper, learn how financial institutions can create an effective, multifaceted web presence that resonates with account holders in the digital age.
Sampling Strategies for Opinion Surveys Sampling Strategies for Opinion Surveys

In this white paper, learn about what you need to know about your population before accurately determining your sample while avoiding sample bias.